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Picking up your puppy

When you come to get your puppy I suggest bringing the following: a crate for the puppy to ride home in the car in and to also stay in if you plan to stay in a hotel overnight with the puppy. For travel purposes a plastic crate works better as it better contains any accidents made or the results if the puppy gets car sick. In the bottom of the crate I suggest putting newspapers and then a towel or blanket overtop to absorb anything that might happen (make sure to pack extra in case an accident does happen and they need replaced). A trash bag and cleaners are helpful if any clean up is needed. From experience I travel with baby wipes to wipe off the puppy and my hands with, paper towels to wipe out the crate with, a carpet cleaner just in case I need it, spray cleaner like Lysol incase I need to spray out the crate and febreze spray. On the front of the crate you should have a water bottle attached to it (one used for a small animal like a hamster, guinea pig ect will work great). My puppies are all taught to drink from them and it makes watering a puppy during travel much easier then having loose water spilling everywhere as the car or the puppy moves. Also, bring a bottle of bottled water to refill the water bottle if needed. A lead, collar or harness and poopy pick up bags will also be needed for any rest stops (make sure that you get the right size, you should only be able to put two fingers in-between the collar/harness and the puppy otherwise it is too lose and he/she can get out of it) and the last thing anyone wants is a loose puppy at a rest stop beside a highway.  If you are unsure what size to get, I can get it for you and add it to your bill, just let me know what color you are wanting and that you want me to do so and I will have it ready to go. That way everything is ready to go and it fits when you come to pick him/her up. I also, suggest bringing a small bag of food for the puppy just in case you need it my puppies eat Purina one chicken and rice. You never know when bad weather or something will cause you to have to stop and stay over for the night so it is always better to be prepared.


> Plastic Crate

> Water Bottle

>Bottled Water

> Newspaper, blanket, towels for inside of crate

> Trash bag

> Cleaner, baby wipes, paper towels for any accidents

> leash, collar and pick up bags for rest stops

> bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice

> Toys and bones for the ride home


1) Best Western Charleston Plaza Hotel 1010 Washington Street East, Charleston, WV. 304-345-9779 pet fee $25 per day. Near mall lots of shopping and dinning options, free parking, free airport shuttle. (3 min drive from my grooming salon).

2) Red Roof Inn 6305 MacCCorkie Ave, Charleston, WV 304-925-6853 NO pet Fee (12 min from my grooming salon).

3) Charleston Marriott Town Center 200 Lee St. E Charleston, WV 25301 304-345-6500  PETS NOT ALLOWED! Right across from mall, lots of shopping and dining options also airport shuttle.  (3 mins from my grooming salon).

The last time I checked these hotels/motels have graciously agreed to accept well-mannered dogs.  A pet deposit may be required. Please check with hotels/motels for current policies and restrictions. Please be a good pet parent and clean up after your pet at all hotels and motels. Pets should always be crated with plastic under the crate inside the room, they should not be left to roam the room and potty inside of the room. When outside make sure you clean up your dog's messes and dispose of them properly. More and more hotels/motels are no longer allowing pets due to the cleaning fees that they are having to pay to be able to re-rent out rooms and the amount of feces left un-picked up outside. It is your pet and your responsibility. Do your Part!



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