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Options on how to Acquire your dog/puppy

(From what I understand this might not apply to puppies/dogs that I sell as show/breeding quality-not completely sure yet still researching). However if a puppy is of pet quality he/she will still not be offered or sold as show/breeding quality.)

Due to just passed USDA/APHIS Regulations (effective as of 11/18/13) I can not and will no longer sell a puppy/dog site unseen (without the puppy/dog being met in person prior to purchase). Which means that I can't ship a puppy unless he/she was met in person prior to being shipped.  If I were to ship even one puppy or dog site unseen I would officially be required to be a USDA/APHIS Regulated and licensed breeder.  As a small show hobby breeder with all dogs living inside my house with me it would be way to costly and pretty much impossible for me to meet the requirements to be regulated/licensed by USDA/APHIS. 

For Example: I would be required to have an attending veterinarian on staff. As I have a small number of dogs and do not breed that often and do not have many litters a year. (I do not have 50+- hundreds of dogs in warehouses and such with many puppies always for sale like a true commercial breeder does).  So, This would just be way to costly to implement as I am a very small hobby breeder that is lucky to break-even and mostly breed for myself and for my next show puppies to begin with. I am not breeding for money and do not make my living as a breeder and nor do I want to as it would effect every moral and ethical thing that I believe in. In addition: they prefer that dog's be housed in outside kennels. I refuse to do that period. And those are just some of the retarded requirements that I would be forced to do and why I do not want to be forced to be USDA/ APHIS licensed.

So with all of that in mind here are some possible options for how to purchase a puppy from me as you have to now meet them in person and I can no longer just send them to you:

1) Pick the puppy/dog up in person (I am in Charleston, WV)

2) Meet me part of the way and take him/her home with you. So, you can meet the puppy before the purchase is finalized. I will be posting possible meeting places with how far it is from me and how much I will be charging to do so as soon as I have everything figured out.

3) Fly to me and fly back with the puppy/dog. If you fly in and meet the puppy in person that will work as well. If small enough the dog/ puppy can be carried on (as long as you have a health certificate, rabies shot if over 12 weeks and a soft sided crate that meet the size and other restrictions of the airline) for just a little more on the flight back with you. For an older puppy/adult dog that are too big to fit under the seat they can be checked as cargo for an additional amount and return home with you on the plane (health certificate, rabies certificate and crate restrictions but all be met to do so- when sent as cargo a plastic crate that is up to their specifications is required).

4) Fly to me and drive back with the puppy/dog.

In truth, I really prefer to meet the people that are getting my babies and for them to meet me and have always felt that way. I only shipped a puppy or dog when I really had no other option of getting them to their new owners to begin with (like from WV to CA or WV to Hawaii for examples). So I really did not ship very often to start with. Also, Keep in mind that it has gotten so expensive to ship a puppy/dog now with the cost the airlines charge, all of the requirements to ship and so on that by the time all is said and done it is not unusual to have an additional $350-$450 more just in shipping expenses, which are not included in the price of the puppy of course.



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