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Stud Service Information
Our studs are offered for stud service to approved girls only at varying fees from $650 to $850 depending on titles, testing, if they are proven and so on. The fee is listed on each boy's page as are his stud information, pedigree and photos. Also, view an overview of my Stud Service contract for payment terms and options below.

 We require a negative brucellosis on incoming bitches. All girls need to be freshly bathed and groomed and flea and tick free.  I also require that they are up to date on their booster shot, kennel cough vaccine, rabies and worming as to keep our place flea, tick and disease free. Also, keep in mind that none of these can be done without potential harm to the litter once the girl is bred and your puppies will have a better immunity to not getting these things in the time frame before they can be given shots due to age if the mom is vaccinated/wormed and such prior to being bred. 

 I typically breed all incoming girls by A.I. every other day until they are out of season, usually starting on day 10 of their heat cycle.  I will try for natural breedings if at all possible but this just depends on the girl and the boy. If natural isn't working well for either of the dogs involved then I will breed by A.I. as I rather know for a fact that the girl got bred then wait too long and miss her or just hope she did.  If you would like to use one of my studs please contact me as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for the breeding. All girls do have to be approved by me prior to breeding.

If the girl will be shipped to me to be bred: Ship to Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV. If she is going to be dropped off in person to be bred: we will set up an appointment to meet in Charleston, WV. When she is dropped off bring her food, lead and well fitted collar. If you are going with Option 1 below: The breeding fee is due in full and in cash at the time the girl is dropped off to be bred. I Will also need a copy of the brucellosis test results and a copy of her registeration papers given/sent to me before the girl comes to me for breeding.
Stud fee options:

1) A non refundable breeding service of $300, due at time of breeding. This amount will be deducted from the balance due when litter registration is signed. If no puppies result from this mating, no balance or repeat breeding will be due. If only one puppy results from this mating only an additional fee of $250 will be due as balance of stud fee. Two puppies or more constitute a litter and the full remaining balance would be due by three weeks of age.

2) Pay the full stud fee amount upfront and have a guarantee of at least 2 live puppies at 3 weeks of age. If no puppies result from this breeding, a free one time repeat breeding will be given to the girl. Or to any girl owned, co-owned or leased by her owner if the owner chooses not to rebred the same girl. If only 1 puppy results from this mating and the bitch owner wishes to bring us another girl for breeding at a later time; a breeding fee of $300 will constitute full stud fee for the next incoming bitch.




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