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2016 News (Updated 4/19/16)

4/16/16 & 4/17/16: At the KOTC Obedience trials we showed Demon and Blackout in beginners novice. Both got the legs that they needed to finish their titles and Blackout also got 3rd place on Sunday. Both now have their BN Titles. So it is now INT. CH. AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, BN, CGC, S.T.A.R (Am pt) & AshLaur's Winter Blackout RN, BN, CGC

2015 News

7/30/15 & 7/31/15: At the Roanoke, VA shows Wyatt takes Reserve Winners both days.  On 7/30/15 Dior wins Select for a point towards his Bronze Grand Championship and BOBOH. On 7/31/15 Dior wins BOBOH. This puts Dior up to 35 BOBOH points in only three shows offering this, How nice!

7/5/15: Wyatt (INT/NAT CH. Lakewood's N AshLaur's Showdown) is now American pointed by taking Winners dog today at the Huntington Kennel Club dog show for his first AKC Point, at only his second AKC Show. So happy :)

6/13/15 & 6/14/15: At the Greater Clarksburg WV Kennel Club shows this past weekend (6/13 & 6/14) My Dior wins the following: Sat he goes Best Of Breed (Over a Grand Champion special that is top 10 ranked and being shown by a handler) for 2 Grand Champion points. And then on Sunday he goes Best Of Opposite sex for 1 Grand Champion Point. All owner handled. These were the final points that he needed to now be a GRAND CHAMPION!
So he is now GRD AM & INT CH. Simco Rock Paper Scissors! Yippee.

6/6/15 & 6/7/15: at the International Shows in Louisville, KY. Lakewood's N AshLaur's Showdown "Wyatt", UKC CH. C-Mar Money Chase "Vegas" & AshLaur's Drinks on me "Margarita" took the show by storm and by showing in 3 shows each day all three finished their International Championship and their National Championships in two days! Out of the four regular style shows (not express) that best of breed is given and groups are done on, my dogs won 3 of the 4 that were available. Vegas won 2 Best Of breeds and a Group 3 out of a very large and competitive herding group and Margarita won one best of breed.

5/17/15: at the Blennerhassett Kennel Club dog show Dior goes select for another Grand CH. Point and he also wins Best of Breed Owner Handled and went on to win a Owner Handled Group 2!

4/12/15: at the KOTC trial Demon (INT. CH. AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, CGC-AM Pointed) earned his second leg in Beginners Novice with a score of 196 out of a possible 200 and also won 3rd place. Also, Blackout (AshLaur's Winter Blackout RN, CGC) earned his first leg in Beginners Novice with a score of 197 1/2 out of a possible 200. He also won 1st place and a highest scoring sheltie in novice classes plate trophy.

4/11/15 at the KOTC trial Demon (INT. CH. AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, CGC-AM Pointed) earned his first leg in Beginners Novice with a second place ribbon and a score 197 out of a possible 200! We also won the trophy plate for highest scoring sheltie in Novice Classes (out of all the possible Novice Classes-which is 4 different classes).

11/2/14 in Hawaii Mikey (AshLaur's Waiakea Moon Eclipse) IS NOW A CHAMPION by winning WD for major number 5!! . This time a big fat 5 point Speciality major to finish!!! He finished with 5 straight majors and in 3 months with a total of only being shown 10 times, that is so very rare. So proud of this beautiful co-bred by boy and his owner Cathy Ann Moon! :)

10/5/14 in Hawaii Mikey (AshLaur's Waiakea Moon Eclipse) takes WD/BW for major number 4! Another 3 pointer. which leaves Mikey needing a single point to finish his Championship.

10/4/14 in Hawaii Mikey (AshLaur's Waiakea Moon Eclipse) takes WD/BW for his third major! Another 4 pointer.

9/27/14: At the International Dog Shows in Westminster, MD, we had a really big day. We showed 4 dogs per show in a total of 3 shows on Sat. alone. Talk about a long day! All four of the dogs were well received with really nice comments from the judges and all received V-1 ratings (highest possible). The big surprise from this day: Catalina (AshLaur's Bad Moon Rising) took Best of Breed at every show she was in and like that wasn't enough she also won a GROUP 1 Placement and a GROUP 3 Placement! She was highly considered for Best in Show even! By the way this was her very first show ever and she was also in heat. I came home with 4 new International Champions: It is now INT. CH. AshLaur's At Last (AM PTS)- Charmed, Group winning INT. CH. AshLaur's Bad Moon Rising-Catalina, INT & AM CH. Simco Rock Paper Scissors (21 Grand CH. Pts)- Dior and last but not least INT. CH. AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, CGC (AM pts)- Demon.  We are so proud and happy with how much the judges liked our dogs.

9/27/14: Now his third show ever out AshLaur's Waiakea Moon Eclipse takes Winners dog for his second major, this time a 4 point major! Big congrats to his owner Cathy Ann Moon and Mikey who is now up to 7 points with both majors.

8/30/14: At only his second show ever AshLaur's Waiakea Moon Eclipse "Mikey" takes WD for a 3 point major. Mikey lives in Hawaii with his owner Cathy Ann Moon and is sired by AshLaur's Winter Blackout and out of Lakewood's clover mts sassafrass. Really proud of this bred by blue boy and his owner! keep up the great work.

8/24/14: Day two of the Magic Valley show, Demon again wins his class and Vegas again goes Reserve winners so no points for them today. Dior again takes select for another point towards his Grand Championship (he now just needs 4 singles to finish it!) Today however Charm on only her second show of her very first ever show weekend and out of the 12-18 month puppy bitch class, owner/breeder handled WON! And she did so in Grand Style, She won her class, she won winners bitch and then she won Best of Winners and then she decided to win Best of Opposite sex as well!!!!!!!!! So very proud of this puppy girl. 
8/23/14: At the Magic Valley Kennel Club show Demon wins his class, Vegas goes Reserve winners and Charm at her very first show ever gets 2nd in her class. Dior then goes Select for another point towards his Grand.

7/6/14: Day two of the Huntington Kennel club show. Demon and Vegas both won their classes, but no points. Dior however went Best of Breed again this time for a 3 point major win. He now has 19 points towards his Grand Championship (with all of his majors and champions defeated already won- won't be long now!)
7/5/14: Showed at the Huntington Kennel Club dog show in Huntington, WV. Demon and Vegas both win their classes, but don't win any points. Dior takes Best of breed for 2 Grand Championship points and shows with the best of them in group, no group placement today but I was very proud. This gives him 16 points now towards his Grand Championship he already has two of the three required majors and 3 Champions defeated. Ashton does a great job in Pre-Novice and picks up his last leg with a 1st place and a 187.5 and now has his PCD Title.

6/15/14: Went to the Clarksburg Kennel Club shows in Morgantown, WV. Showed the three boys we showed last week again. On Saturday: Vegas took a reserve win and Demon took his class (no points but looking better and better in the ring) on Sunday both Demon and Vegas won their classes and Dior took Select both days for two more points towards his Grand Championship. Dior now has 14 points towards his Grand Championship, going to be looking for that last major soon.  

6/8/14: After a long break from the conformation ring, we came back with a bang at the McKinley Kennel club show in Canton, OH. We were only entered today (Sunday) and we showed 3 boys. The results: UKC CH. C-Mar Money Chase (Vegas) did well and took second in his class (first time he has been shown since he was a puppy and first time I have ever shown him) so was happy. AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, CGC, S.T.A.R  (Demon) wowed the judges and not only took his class, but also won Winners dog and Best of Winners and was highly considered for Best of Breed over 3 specials, all out of the bred by class. This is Demon's first time in the ring in 3 years (was only shown a few times as a puppy and has been doing rally/obedience since to give him time to mature). The wait was worth it as he now has his first point at his very first show out as an adult.  Also in the Ribbons, CH. Simco Rock Paper Scissors (Dior) won Select male today as well for another point towards his Grand Championship. This boy finished quickly as a puppy and this was the very first time that I've shown him as well.  Dior now has 12 points; with 2 majors and all of his champions defeated requirements towards his Grand Championship. What a great day at AshLaur! :)

1/5/14: We are now an AKC Breeder of Merit!!!

2013 SHOW News (updated 12/31/13)
Upon looking at the official eligibility list of the handlers and dog's that have qualified for the National Rally Championship on AKC's website for this year (qualifying in 2013, show held in 2014). I found that two of my dog's are qualifying! Demon "AshLaur's Raising Hell' RN, CGC" and Blackout "AshLaur's Winter Blackout RN, CGC" are both eligible to compete for the National Rally Championship in Novice Rally! Super excited!

1) At KOTC's graduation Demon and Blackout both earned their CGC titles and had some promising runs in class which hopefully tells us that they will do well in the Parkersburg shows next weekend. Fingers crossed!
8/24/13- 8/25/13
1) At the MVKC dog show in Huntington, WV. After a long day (were entered in 2 shows in one day back to back with 3 dogs in a class each).  Demon and Blackout both finish their RN Titles, Blackout with a 3rd Place and Ashton got his first leg and a 4th place towards his RE. Blackout is eligible for the National Rally Championships by the way due to finishing his titles all with scores of 90 or above! Demon was qualifying until a handler error ended up with us getting an 80.
2) Second day of the MVKC dog show. We once again showed three dogs in a class each in two shows in the same day. Even though Demon and Blackout finished their RN Titles the morning show the day before we went ahead and showed them in their already entered classes for additional ring time practice. Which turned out well both qualified in both classes and actually tied in the one with a score of 93 (Blackout won 3rd and Demon 4th place on time-beating Demon out by 2 seconds).
Ashton also qualified in both RE classes to receive the last two legs he needed to finish his RE title. He finished it with a score of 93 and 2nd place! What a busy and good weekend! We finished 3 Rally titles this weekend!
1) We went to the Huntington, WV Show 7/6/13. We showed 3 dogs in 5 different classes (so very busy day and without even doing conformation as well). Here is the breakdown: Ashton gets his 3rd leg and his new Beg. Nov. Title with a 1st place win, Ashton also gets his first leg towards his Pre-Nov. Title with a 4th place win. Blackout gets his first leg towards his Rally Nov. Title with a score of 95 (out of a 100) and Demon also gets his first leg towards his Rally Nov. Title with a score of 95.
2) Second day at the Huntington, WV Show (7/7/13). Ashton gets 4th place once again in Beg. Nov. with a 191.5 (he finished his title the day before so was just showing him since he was already entered). Ashton also did well once again in his Pre. Nov class and gets his second leg in it and another first place win. Blackout gets his second Rally Nov. Leg with a score of 98! and a 3rd place win. Demon also gets his second Rally Nov. Leg with a score of 90 (due to a handler error I actually cost him 3 points, AHHH!)



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