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If you are planning to get a puppy or dog from me the below needs to be kept in mind.

1) All are for sale to approved lifetime loving homes only. I reserve the right to refuse a sell at anytime and will do so if I feel it is in the best intrest of the dog/puppy. I want my dogs to be members of the family and to be treated as such. Getting a new puppy is basically like bringing home a new kid. Dogs can live to 12-16 years so make sure that you will have the time and finances available for your new puppy. I do however realize that sometimes things happen and that major life changes can alter a dog's future in your household years later. I do take my puppies back if needed or will help you find an acceptable home if one is needed.
2) In order to get a puppy/dog from me I must have the following:

a. A filled out questionnaire (that I approve).

b. A signed and filled out copy of my contract.

c. Any additional questions or concerns I have must be addressed.

d. I may even require references (from your past dog's groomers, trainers, vets, breeders and so on).

e. Payment in full (I take cash, paypal and money orders only). I do not have a credit/debit card machine and I will not accept checks due to past experience. If paypal is used a 4% paypal fee will be added onto the bill as that what they charge for doing the transaction through them. Otherwise that amount would be deducted from what is sent to me. Charleston, WV Sales tax of 7%  will be charged for any puppy/dog that I sell. I can of course write a receipt. When the puppy is picked up in person, any balance due on the puppy is due in full and in cash before the puppy will be allowed to leave.

f. I show puppies/dogs to potential homes by appointment only. Appointments will not be set up until I have received and approved your questionnaire.

g. I also may require photos of your house, fence and or yard or a home check as well and will do the above as I feel it is needed.

My Spay/Neuter contract & Information on Pet Quality

When I sell a puppy/dog on a spay/neuter contract I mean it. With adults I require that they be fixed within 3 months from the date of sale. With Puppies I require that they be fixed before they are 8 months old (vets typically want to do it at 6 months of age and I suggest this age as well for best results). Furthermore, I require that proof be sent to me to show that the dog was spayed/neutered as agreed (just need a copy of the bill from the vet for my records). In the event that the dog is not spayed/neutered and proof is not received by you to show that he/she was I can and will reposes the dog. And no you will not get a replacement or any money back. In the event that the dog is bred not only will I be taking the dog back but you will legally owe $2,000 to me per litter that the dog has produced for breach of contract. I know this sounds strict but unfortanally there are too many people out there looking for breeding stock for their puppy mills at pet prices. So I have to protect the dogs and if the person is truly buying the puppy to just be a family pet and are telling me the truth then none of this should be a problem.

As the breeder of my dogs I decide who is of pet quality and who is of show/breeding quality. Just because you buy a dog and now own it doesn't mean you get to decide. I am the one that brought them into this world and it is my responsibility as a breeder to make sure they go into homes that they are fit for, do right by the puppy and by the breed in the process. If breeding that particular puppy will be a danger to them (too small to possibly safely produce a litter) or breeding the puppy won't improve and better the breed then that puppy will be sold as pet quality period and will be required to be spayed/neutered.

My Selling Practices
Pickups in person are required. I will no longer sell a puppy without him/her being met in person prior to selling them. So I no longer offer Shipping unless the puppy has already been met in person before the shipping. For possible non-shipping options- CLICK HERE
I retain the right to refuse any sell. This may happen at any point of the process. I may not approve you to get a puppy/dog based on the questionnaire or I may not let you buy the dog due to a valid reason at the appointment. Sorry but even if you have driven 8 hours to look at a puppy if I find a good valid reason that will endanger the safety of the puppy or that you will not provide a fitting home then you will not be leaving with the puppy. I have had this happen before and I'm sorry but the puppy being safe, happy, taken care of and loved is my main concern. And no I am not expecting every puppy to go to a huge estate or for their new owners to have a ton of money or anything like that just loving spoiled homes that will take care of them and protect them as I would is all I want.
If the puppy is a present, for a child or for an elderly person
If the puppy is intended to be a present for a child, you as their parent must fill out and sign the contract. If the puppy is intended to be the sole responsibility of the child then in the event that the child slacks off or doesn't take care of the dog you will need to step in and should expect to long before you get a puppy. You as the parent are and will be held responsible. If the puppy is intended to be a present for another adult you need to be 100 percent sure that they do want and can care for the puppy before getting him. In the event that the purchaser is elderly or has significant health problems in the event that the original owner dies a new home for the puppy (like will go to live with the owners daughter and so on) needs to be discussed, agreed upon well before the purchase takes place and should be listed in the person's will in the event that something does happen. In all cases above I will need to know and should be filled in.
Deposits and Holding Puppies

All puppies are for sale on a first come, first serve basis. I will not hold a puppy without a deposit in place and I require half of the purchase price and a completed contract for a deposit to be considered placed. I realize that many times people want to actually meet the puppy first before placing money on them and I am fine with that. However keep in mind that I do not allow any meetings to be scheduled before I have a completed and approved questionnaire in place and will not meet or allow puppies to be seen until they are at least 6 weeks old as that is the earliest that they can have a shot. Before this no one is allowed in my house or to view puppies and will have to be seen by photo only as I will not risk their health before they are protected. I also meet by appointment only But until money is placed to hold the puppy the puppy will still be considered for sale. All deposits are non-refundable as they are considered a commitment to buy the puppy. This is due to the fact that once a deposit is received the puppy is considered sold  and is not offered for sale any longer. So, if you back out last minute for whatever reason while I was holding the puppy for you I have not only lost out on selling the puppy to someone else, but have to also re-advertise the puppy for sale, and was of course taking care of the puppy for you during that time span. In addition the puppy will also be older when re-offered for sale and it is just a plain fact that the older a puppy is the harder they are to sell. As most people want a fluffy young cuddly puppy not a 4+ month old that means it will take me a lot longer to find the right home for the puppy then it would of have when you placed your deposit. All deposits are subtracted from the purchase price; the balance is due in full when the puppy is picked up.

Waiting list

I take a waiting list before the puppies are born.  Which is a pre-approved list of people interested in getting a puppy from me.  They have already completed my questionaire process and are approved by me to get a puppy.  People that are on my waiting list will be notified when puppies are born and kept up to date on the puppies.  As I start taking deposits and offering certain puppies for sale they will be notified and will be given the first chance of placing a deposit on that puppy to have the puppy held for them and no longer offered for sale to anyone else.  Before I officially advertise the puppy for sale to rest of the world the people on the list will be given first chance of buying the puppy. I typically give them so long to respond and to get a deposit in before offering the puppy for sale to others.

Being on my waiting list gives you first chance to buy a puppy but just because you are on the list doesn't mean they are considered sold. It does not mean that the puppy or puppies are spoken for or considered sold.  A puppy is not considered spoken for until a deposit has been placed.  I don't start taking deposits until they are at least 2 weeks of age. Once a deposit is placed the puppy is considered sale pending (officially considered sold when paid for in full and has gone to his/her new home),  is no longer available and is held for you.



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