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About Marquis Maltese
Marquis Maltese started when my mom decided she was getting older and needed a smaller breed, so she got out of Shelties, which I of course took over and after considering every toy breed known to man feel in love with the maltese. She started with one, found the puppy through a client of our grooming shop.  The reason that our maltese are not AKC and are CKC instead is very simple: the person we got our foundation girl from never sent us the papers and moved so we couldn't even go to their house to try and get them! She actually was AKC registered but due to this we had to register her CKC and even though all of our males are AKC registered and even have outstanding Champion show lines the litters have to be registered CKC because AKC won't acknowlege CKC in that manner. Of course when getting a pet it doesn't really matter. Rather AKC or CKC registered it comes down to the lines, gentics and overall the breeder themselves. Many people have AKC registered maltese with nice lines and are not ethical what so ever.
We have now been breeding Maltese for 14 years. We only breed a few well planned litters a year and we do take a waiting list in advance. Occassionally we will have an adult that we are retiring from breeding for sale. Our puppies are typically 4-5 pounds full grown as adults, at the most 6 pounds. All adults that we retire are either already spayed/neutered or are required to be by their new owner within 3 months from the date of sale. Our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts, we don't sell puppies with breeding rights. We don't breed our girls until they are at least 2 years old and they are not bred everytime they come into heat.  Typically even though they come into heat every 6 months they are only bred once a year.



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