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Marquis Maltese Puppy Questionnaire


1) What is your name and where are you located?


2) Have you ever owned a Maltese before?


3) If you havenít owned a Maltese before what breeds of dogs have you had?


4) Do you have any other animals now?


5) If you do have other animals; how many do you have, what kinds, and what breeds (any additional information is appreciated)?


6) Do you have any kids?


7) If you do have kids;

a) How old are they and how many children do you have?


b) Do they know how to act around a puppy?


c) Will you be supervising the puppy/kid interaction to make sure both sides play nicely?


8) Do you have a fenced in yard?


9) How big is your yard and what kind of fencing?


10) If you donít have a fenced in yard what are your plans to safely potty the puppy and give him/her outside playtime?


11) What are you planning to do with the puppy/dog when you are not home?


12) Are you aware that a puppy is basically at least a 12-14 year responsibility?


13) Why did you choose this breed?


14) What do you like the most about Maltese?


15) Have you done research on Maltese? Do you realize that they need regular grooming, dental, and veterinarian care?


16) Are you looking for a male or female? (If it doesnít matter just put either)


17) Are you wanting a family pet, or a show/breeding quality dog? 



18) Is there a specific size or anything particular that is required and how important is this factor in your decision? 


19) Are you looking for a puppy or an adult (what overall age range are you interested in)?


20) Will you be picking this puppy up or will shipping be needed (the cost of the puppy doesn't include shipping and is the responsibility of the buyer)? 


21) Do you have any intention of ever breeding this puppy? 


22) Do you or any family members that live with you have allergies towards pets (specifically dogs)?



23) Do you have any questions, comments or anything that you would like to add?



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