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In my puppy/dog Packet
(Goes with each puppy and adult Dog that I sell)-
*  We Try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. So The majority of the information, articles and paperwork in general that I usually include in my puppy packets can be e-mailed directly to you instead of being printed and put in the packet.  My typical puppy packet includes about 50 pages worth of paper, at least 45 of these could be saved by e-mailing to you instead of printing.  This is your choice I can still put the hardcopies in your packet if requested.  Just let me know which you rather do before you pick up your puppy.
No extra cost, everything is broke down into the tabs they are in inside the packet.


1)    Puppy’s AKC Registration papers (Owner just has to send in for the dog to be AKC registered. If puppy is sold as pet/performance quality will be on a limited registration. If puppy is sold as show/breeding will be full registration. If an adult dog and he/she has already been registered then you get the dog’s AKC registration papers instead so they can be transferred into your name. In the event that the adult is being placed as a pet and being retired from showing/breeding you will get the papers when I have proof that the dog was spayed/neutered.


2)    A receipt for your purchase of the puppy/dog and signed by me for your records.


3)    If an adult dog copies of any genetic testing and titles awarded to the dog will also be enclosed.


4)    Copy of the contract you filled out when you purchased the puppy/dog already signed by me for your records.


5)    Puppy’s/dog's Microchip packet (new owner just has to send in for lifetime registration). All of my puppies are microchipped before they leave for no additional fee.


6)    Health Records (Includes)

a)    Vaccination Record with dates and age given included (labels from the exact shot given)

b)    Medical and Surgical history (if applies is filled out)

c)     Deworming Records with dates, age and type of medication given.

d)    Heartworm preventive information with date, age and type of medication given

e)    Flea preventive information with the date and type of medication of most recent application given. 


7)    Certificate of Pedigree (I include a current, full and complete 5 generation pedigree for every puppy. Champions are highlighted in red)


8)    Contact Information: my name, address and phone number for easy reference so you can contact me in the future with any photos, updates or questions.


9)    A pamphlet from Purina “Puppy How-To Guide nutrition and health care from A to Z”


10)  Information to help with the first 48 hours. Includes tips on:


a)     puppy-proofing your home,

b)    supplies you will need

c)     feeding

d)    the first few days

e)    house-training


11)  Breed specific information, included:

a)    Guide on setting ears so they tip as an adult. Have step by step instructions, detailed information and photos.

b)    The AKC standard for the Shetland sheepdog

c)     The AKC history for the Shetland sheepdog

d)    A page entitled “Did you know?” also from AKC

e)    A 15 page guide that I wrote and compiled called “Sheltie specific information” includes a ton of information, recommendations and tips that I have gathered over the course of my involvement in this breed. Covers everything from food, training, and crating to general information on the breed and has a very detailed grooming section.


12) Miscellaneous Information

a)    Pamphlets called “Focus: Keeping pets flea-and tick-free”and “ What you should know about flea and tick control”

b)    Pamphlet called “What you should know about Intestinal Parasites”

c)     A 16 page guide that I wrote and compiled called “All breed important general information on dogs” Covers anything that you can think of that my sheltie specific one didn’t and has a very detailed dental section, why spaying/neutering is important to the average pet and additional grooming information as well as a bunch of other stuff covered in this.                           

d)    Anything else I can fit into the packet. I usually try to include some information on training, the new puppy S.T.AR program and housebreaking and anything else I think might be of help to the new owner.


13) In addition to everything given above all puppies also now come with a Breeder of Merit packet directly from AKC.  So even more information in it and would be lengthy trying to write down all the material.


14) If requested I also include a sample bag of the dog food the dog/puppy is on.  If picked up in person will be handed to you, if the puppy is shipped will be taped to the top of the crate.


15) When a dog/puppy has to be shipped I put a blanket with my scent on the bottom of the crate to try and keep him/her from feeling stressed out.  Food and water dishes will also be inside the crate in case the airline needs to feed or water the puppy for some reason.  I try to include a favorite toy when possible inside the crate but lately airline regulations have not allowed this.  All leads and collars (unless you are bringing your own to the airport will be taped to the top of the crate) this is also if the airport lets me.
16)    In addition to everything given above you have me as lifetime breeder support for your new puppy/dog so any questions you have just let me know.  I am serious about this I have people that have dog’s that are now 14 yrs old that I still talk to on a regular basis. I always enjoy updates and photos of the dog as well so please send them. Oh and of course you get a healthy, well bred, beautiful and well socialized new member for your familyJ.



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