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Shipping Information

1) Shipping is not included in the cost of the puppy/dog and is extra. Shipping cost are your responsibility, the money does not go to me it goes to either the airport, the vet, to the store or to you.
2) Airports won't ship puppies that are under 8 weeks old.
3) Airports have strict requirement in the type of crate that the puppy is shipped in. (I will buy the crate and add it to your bill). Not just any crate is acceptable which is why I have to buy a more expensive crate.
4) Airports also have to have a health certificate from the vet before they will ship the puppy. If the puppy is over 12 weeks old a rabies shot is also required for the puppy to be shipped.This is not a problem and will also be added to your bill
5) The other airport rule is that they will not ship animals in very hot or very cold weather. It can not be above 85 degrees at any point on the trip or below 35 degrees. I do however typically use Delta Pets First. A certificate of accumulation will be filled out by my vet and presented at the airport just in case it is needed. Their plans are also temperture controlled so I tend to like that much better and it is safer for the animal.
6) I will not ship any puppies until they are paid in full, shipping, health certificate and the crate have to be paid in full as well before any puppies will leave.
7) The closest airport to me is in Charleston, WV and it is called Yeager Airport. 
8) An itemized list of the cost of currently shipping a dog/puppy can be found by clicking here.  Of course if you are getting an adult or an older puppy the cost of shipping will be more since how much the airport charges to ship depends on the size of the crate that the dog is shipped in and a 9 month old is not going to fit into the same size crate that an 8 wk old will.

9) I have shipped puppies all over the US and they have all arrived safe and sound. Here are just a couple of placed we have shipped

to: Nevada, Utah, Boston, PA, VA, CA, Fl, NY, NJ, & MD. I have also shipped a bunch to Canada as well.
10) If you rather not have your puppy shipped, that is fine I prefer pickups in person anyway, but you will have to drive to Charleston, WV  to pickup the puppy. I have had people drive from Texas, MI, FL, IN, IL & Canada before to get puppies so I guess it just depends how bad you really want the puppy and if your schedule allows a mini trip.
11) Also keep in mind that I do not like charging you gas or any handing fees for shipping a puppy like many do unless i absoulty have to. All of the above prices given are actual costs.
12) I will be making all of the arrangements and getting everything that is needed to ship the puppy/dog. All you have to do is send me the payment for the shipping and puppy and then pick him/her up at the nearest airport (you would of course know that the puppy is coming).
13) On average it usually takes about a week to a week and a half for me to get the puppy/dog shipped to you once I receive payment.  This gives me the time I need to get the health certificate and rabies shot (if over 12 weeks) from the vet, make the arrangements with the airline, get the money order for the puppy cashed, get the shipping crate, food and water dishes and blanket from the store and so on. 
14) Once payment and contract are received the puppy will be considered sold to you and will no longer be advertised or offered to anyone else. The puppy at this point is yours as far as I am concerned.
15) The puppy's puppy packet (with shot and worming records, pedigree, microchip information and AKC registeration papers) will be sent by regular mail after the puppy has safely arrived to your airport.  Note: the maltese puppies are CKC registered not AKC registered and I do not typically microchip them since they are so little and their skin is so thin. Due to the importantance of the materials in the puppy packet it is safer to send them by mail then to tape them to the top of the shipping crate (since tape does come off).
16) For information on what comes with every puppy/dog I sell rather being picked up/or shipped click here



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