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Titles We Have Put On Dogs & Some of the dog's we have owned in the Past
Belgian Malinois
(Only bred one litter over 8 years, only have 1 now-  neutered male).
1) AM/INT CH. Broadcreek's Bring It On CD, CGC, RE (8 RAE Legs) 
Blitz was owner/handled specialed and ranked #13 in the nation and invited to Eukanuba in only 3 weekends as a special. He also received many Group Placements as well.
(Had 8 RAE Legs & was ready for his CDX when he had to be retired)
2) AM/INT CH. Broadcreek's Mortal Kombat CD, CGC, TDI, RN (Nat Pts)
Kitana had tons of heart and would of done anything for me she left us much earlier than we expected and we still miss her.
3) INT. CH. AshLaur's Start Me Up (9 AM PTS & NAT PTS)
(AM/INT CH. Blitz & AM/INT CH. Kitana)
Melina was out of the one litter we bred of Malinois. She is now owned by Susan & Larry Legg and just needs her majors to finish her American Championship. She was shown totally owner/breeder handled.
German Shorthaired Pointer
(Only had 2 total, have none now, Only bred 1 litter and produced 1 puppy total)
1) AM/INT CH. Heidabrants Long Hot Summer (Nat Pts)
Hazzie now lives the spoiled life with my aunt.
(Photos to come)
(Never bred a litter, just had the one)
1) AM/INT CH. Majenkir Archangel at Nivik (Nat Pts)
Gabriel was a very special guy and is now gone.
(Photo to come)
1) Storybooks Grand Slam CDX, CGC, TDI, RAE
(Brae Hill Aaron Sele & Storybook's Northern Trend)
Leigha was a once in a lifetime working dog and ended up being the foundation of AshLaur. She was something else and smarter than any dog should be. She by the way would not show in conformation as it was "boring" according to her. When we were forced to part with her she was ready to get her agility novice titles and her UD.
2) INT CH. Belmar N Lakewood Blue Jean (Nat & Can Pts, & Both American MAJORS)
(AM/INT CH. Shadow Hill's Air Force one CC, OA, OAJ & Belmars Touched by an Angel)
Jeanie is now in a pet home and is a spayed family pet. Due to some reproduction problems she wasn't finished to her other championships and was retired to a pet home. Thankfully she gave me one excellent girl to continue her outstanding line with. Sassy has proven to be an excellent producer and is a great addition to my family. Jeanie had both of her majors (one being a 4pt speciality major given by Jean Simmons) and only needed 4 singled to finish her American Championship. 
Puppies going back to Jeanie (Out of Sassy)
1) AshLaur's Winter Stargazer (Jewels) from Sassy being bred to INT.CH. Stormy.
2) AshLaur's Drinks on Me (Margarita) From Sassy being bred to AM/INT Ch. Belmar's Don Deigo O'Lakewood (UKC Pts)
3) AshLaur's Good Vibrations (Mercury. From Sassy being bred to AM/INT Ch. Belmar's Don Deigo O'Lakewood (UKC Pts)
3) INT/UKC CH. Oak Knoll's Just For Kicks CGC (AM & Nat Pts)
(AM/CAN CH. Oak Crest A Kick in The Grass & Camp's Chountry Mist)
Soccer loved to show off and was once of the funnest dogs I've ever shown. I learned early on that I could not touch him in the ring because if I did he would get so excited he would start bouncing straight off the ground up to my head! Of course first time in the ring that this happened it was a shocking suprise to me but the judges got a kick out of it.  This now is refered to as the "Soccer Bounce". And his Son Ashton will do it occassionally. Even though Soccer is no longer with us, Ashton carries on much of him. Soccer by the way was ready to pursue his CD and RN titles but due to me getting him as a 4 year old by the time he was ready he was too aged to handle showing in obedience.
4) CH. Simmore Extra Credit II
(CH. Simmore Extra Special CD & Simmore Make Believe II)
Tayman now lives with his co-owner (Owned by me, Billie Jo Adams & Linda Griffith)
5) INT. CH. Belmar N Lakewood's Xena (Nat Pts)
(CAN CH. Belmar N Lakewood's Imprint (10 Am pts) & Belmar Moonlight Serenade) 
Xena is now in a retirement home and is a spayed couch dog. However she is behind a lot of the dog's I currently have in one way or another. She is one of the top 2 best producing girls I've ever owned (her daughter Ice being the other). When I bred her to AM/CAN CH. Dury Voe Wintergreen ROM/ROMC I orginally kept 3 puppies; they are:
1) Multi BOB INT CH. AshLaur's Winter Dazzle CGC (Nat pts) - Dazzle is now gone but not forgotten
2) INT. CH. Lakewood's Winter Storm (Nat Pts) -Stormy is now in a show home in Canada- photo under Xena's
3) Lakewood Ashlaur Winter Ice- Ice is Still with me
out of those 3 puppies I have kept puppies from them, here is the overview.
1)INT CH. AshLaur's Winter Advisory CGC, RE, BN,CD (Am & Nat Pts/ 2 PCD Legs). Ashton is out of breeding Ice to INT. CH. Soccer. He is my pride and joy.
2) AshLaur's Winter Blackout CGC,RN. Blackout is from breeding Ice to INT.CH. Double.
3) AshLaur's Winter Stargazer  Jewels is out of breeding INT. CH. Stormy to my INT CH. Jeanie daughter Sassy.
4) AshLaur's Glitz and Glamour. Glamour is from breeding Ice to AM/INT CH. Belmar N Lakewood's Zorro (UKC Pts).
5) AshLaur's Northern Lights. Aurora is from breeding Ice to INT. CH. Double.



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